• cecil: the secret to a long life lies in how acutely you perceive time
  • carlos: is it even night time there? i've lost all sense in time...


Imagine your OTP playing Mario Kart and/or Mario Party.

  1. mysteriousmrl said: What made it so good for you?

First of all it gave me a happier feeling than the last couple of episodes which really, actually hurt. 

And then the sheer fanfic-ness of the situation; RinHaru go to Australia. Rin messed up with the reservation of the hotel room and they have to share a double bed and so on.

It was really cute. And that’s coming from someone who mostly ships MakoHaru actually. 

free! ES episode 12 was so fanfic it was great

Aura Kingdom is really fun especially when I get to play with the girlfriend in the evening aah 

But getting to play a char that’s essentially Fem!Chester with the bestie is also super fun.